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Saving Costs on Window Designs, Manufacturing and Installation in the GTA

Cost-Effective Solutions for Fenestration Unit Upgrades and Purchases  

When shopping for replacement windows for a home, there are many factors to consider in identifying the ideal units for the greatest price. In Canada, fenestration units that meet Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) specifications for energy efficiency are labelled with the Energy Star qualification. Saving through energy efficiency is an effective way for potential buyers to reduce costs in the long run through lower heating, cooling and lighting costs. Attaining the highest level of energy efficiency can be achieved by making informed decisions on window selections when making purchases.

Reducing Costs through Energy Efficiency


There are four factors that contribute to energy efficiency in windows:

  1. U-Factor: This is the value overall heat transfer coefficient that captures how well the fenestration unit conducts heat. It is calculated by the rate of heat transfer in watts through one square metre of a structure divided by the temperature difference. A high value represents poor thermal performance, while a low level indicates good insulation.
  2. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): This value refers to the window’s solar energy transmittance, factoring in its various components.
  3. Air Leakage: This is the value of airflow passing through a given fenestration unit. Air leakage is differentiated by infiltration, which is the flow of air entering a building, and exfiltration, which is the flow of air leaving the building. Infiltration alone can amount to one-third of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) energy consumption in a typical modern North American dwelling.
  4. Energy Rating (ER): For vertically installed window units in low-rise residential buildings, the ER is applied, and the value is calculated by balancing the above three values.
While existing windows can be upgraded to improve overall energy efficiency, it may not be the most economical solution for older structures. As such, it is important to know which window designs and improvements are optimal for a given structural environment. Every component of a fenestration unit plays a role in achieving energy efficiency. Window frames conduct heat, which therefore directly impact the frame’s U-factor. Glazing and glass specifications cater to a variety of factors for optimal energy efficiency, including window styles, unit orientation, climate and structural design.

Reducing Costs through Custom Design, Manufacturing and Installation


Potential buyers can greatly benefit from providing their input at the conceptual stage to ensure that their needs are met, as off-the-shelf fenestration units may not accommodate all requirements. By customizing fenestration units, homeowners can save on future repair and upgrade costs that could otherwise incur from suboptimal windows. While rare in the GTA area, it is strongly recommended that buyers purchase fenestration units from one-stop-shop vendors in Guelph, Kitchener, Barrie, Niagara and Oshawa. One-stop-shop solutions can offer potential buyers important knowledge about their purchases as well as a sense of comfort, as they guide buyers from conceptualization to manufacture, and lastly, to full installation. Typically, design, manufacturing and installation are handled by different parties in the industry, and, as such, vendors that operate as fenestration unit designers, manufacturers and installers can offer services at comparably lower prices than competitors who do not provide such solutions.

Trust Windows will provide a one-stop-shop solution to your needs. Trust windows specialize in taking you from start to finish, providing in home estimates, manufacturing of the windows and full installation. 

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Window and Door Renovations Toronto
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